Daytona Velona 48 Speedo & Tacho Set

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By Daytona


Made in Japan, the Daytona Velona Gauges are a superb high quality gauge, featuring a digital input with a classic styled analog gauge face and 3 options for backlighting. This Daytona Velona 48 set includes two gauges, the Daytona 48 Speedo featuring a 200km/h speed range and choose from either the 9,000rpm or 15,000rpm Daytona Velona 48 Tacho. Compact and versatile, the Daytona Velona 48 gauges are perfect for a range of custom motorcycles from vintage rebuilds to staunch street fighters, especially those requiring a tight fit or subtle gauge placement. Supplied with a small mounting bracket the Daytona Velona gauges are easily mounted off your top yoke, headlight bracket or hung out the side of your tank.

Guaranteed Fitment

This part is covered by our money back guarantee to fit the following motorcycles:



1x Speedometer (200km/h)
1x Tachometer Gauge of your choice (9,000rpm or 15,000rpm)
Mounting brackets
Additional wiring
Installation instructions

Stepping motor-driven tachometer
Shift up warning with Red LED
Voltmeter, Range: 0-18.0V
LCD screen shows max rpm memory and recall
Display LED colour selectable (White / Blue / Orange)
Steel chromed stay supplied

Stepping motor-driven speedometer
Speed unit (km/h or MPH) selectable
Up to 200 Km/h or 200 MPH
Odometer (Not Re-settable), Range: 0.0-99,999.9 km/mile
Trip Odometer 1 (Re-settable), Range: 0.0-99,999.9 km/mile
Trip Odometer 2 (Re-settable), Range: 0.0-99,999.9 km/mile
Voltmeter, Range: 0-18.0V
Maximum speed memory and recall
Display LED colour selectable (White / Blue / Orange)
Steel chromed stay supplied

Compatible with the DAYTONA CNC machined toggle switch. The velona48 can also be mounted with the anti-vibration combination stay kit which also mounts the ALPHA / BETA LED lights (purchased separately).

If the bike has a standard electronic signal for the tachometer, this Tacho can be connected to this original rpm pulse signal (*in most cases - but not all).
If the bike is not equipped with a standard electronic signal for RPM, please use the suitable wiring method for the bike model (e.g., interrupt wire etc.)
If the bike has no rpm signal source or is very unstable consider the use of DAYTONA - TACHOMETER PULSE GENERATOR - 92333 or the optional harness 98641.
*NOTE This gauge is not suitable for 6-volt use and it is *NOT suitable for battery lesser fitted bikes.

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