Motocell 36WH Lithium Gold Battery

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The Motocell Lithium Gold MLG9 & MLG9L Batteries offer 36WH, equivalent to 9 Amp Hours, in a small-medium sized lithium battery with dimensions (mm): L 134 x W 65 x H 91. Motocell Lithium Gold LiFePO4 series batteries are a long-lasting, light and powerful replacement for your tired old Lead Acid Battery, providing efficient and reliable starting, lighting and ignition power supply for motorcycles. Up to 66% lighter than their lead acid alternative, the Motocell Lithium Gold LiFePO4 series batteries feature a tough waterproof nylon outer case construction that can be mounted in any position - upside down, under seats, in battery trays, under swing arms - giving you huge amounts of creative freedom and flexibility for your custom build. An integrated LCD battery state of charge indicator will tell you at a push of the button exactly how much charge is left. Self adhesive foam pads are supplied to adjust fitting dimensions and to reduce vibrations. Brass terminals with three position multi mount connectivity ensure easy fitment, plus choose from left (L denomination) or right negative terminal placement for the perfect fit according to your requirements.

Guaranteed Fitment

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Motocell MLG9 Lithium Gold LiFePO4 Motorcycle Battery

Model: MLG9
Voltage: 12.8V
Watt-hours: 36WH
Amp hours: 9AH
Dimensions (mm): L 134 x W 65 x H 91
Fitment polarity: Left Hand POSITIVE

Motocell MLG9L Lithium Gold LiFePO4 Motorcycle Battery

Model: MLG9L
Voltage: 12.8V
Watt-hours: 36WH
Amp hours: 9AH
Dimensions (mm): L 134 x W 65 x H 91
Fitment polarity: Left Hand NEGATIVE

Terminals: 2x 5mm bolts supplied
Integrated LCD 'State of Charge' indicator is fitted for instant battery voltage testing.
Shock and vibration resistant
NO Liquids, mount anywhere
NO self-discharge - can hold a charge up to a year provided there are no Parasitic Drains.
Ultra Lightweight
Superior energy efficient properties
Environmentally friendly - NO Acid or Heavy Metals such as Lead, Cadmium, or Mercury.
Lithium batteries are rated by Watt/Amp-hour specs as per the United Nations regulations for transportation.
Supplied instruction sheet covering Fitting, Charging, Storing, Maintenance, Transportation and Cautions & Warnings.
12 Month Replacement Warranty subject to approval.

Your Motocell Lithium Gold LiFePO4 Motorcycle Battery should be fully charged when first installed and before/after an extended storage period. Lithium Batteries must be stored at more than 10.2volts otherwise they may become defective, therefore a trickle charger is recommended for long term storage. Lithium Batteries require a Lithium specific Charger and using non-lithium chargers will damage your Motocell Lithium Battery and void the warranty. we have a range of approved chargers available.

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