Ted Lee of Pit Works Design is a young industrial designer from Taipei, Taiwan.

He aims to exude his creativity with designs based on vintage classics whilst infusing modern technology. ​The latest project out of their garage is 'Blue Ghost', a NEO YZF R1 redesign project.


Inspired by the bad guy "Inky" in the 80s classic game Pac Man, BLUE GHOST's "scatter" mode is very consistent with the image of 1998 YZF R1 boasting extreme performance.

Ted explains, "When I first saw this 1998 YZF R1, it had been remodelled with big failure before. Its sub-frame was cut off, and the wires were exposed and full of dust. I designed it and built it in six month. The specially made transparent fairing is just like a flickering blue ghost, and the light changes differently. The model is built by 3D CAD software and then printed through 3D printers . We add two little wings on both sides to make it look more aggressive. The curved bracket of the steel fits the curve of the fairing, and the two led headlights are hidden under the triple."


Blue Ghost's steel fuel tank was modified based on the 1998 YZF R1, making it more modern and fit closer to the frame. The steel tank cell prevents rust, whilst the aluminium cast fuel tank ring is a tribute to Ted's old endurance racing bike. Although modified, Ted wanted to keep some of the shape and classical elements of the first-generation superbike YZF R1.


The original tube frame was ditched in favour of a steel shield sub-frame. The paint of the sub-frame uses light and dark to create geometric gradient shapes. Using CAD Ted redesigned all the space required for the electrics. The interior battery box is also 3D printed, as was the seat mold. 

​To make the front of Blue Ghost cleaner, Ted built a custom CNC aluminium triple tree with a KOSO D1 OLED speedo.


Lastly a range of carbon fiber parts were added, super short exhaust pipes, wheel covers, water tank protection and handlebars. The exhaust pipe plate was also made from an aluminium SLM 3D print.

April 08, 2022 — Cafe Racer Club
Tags: Build R1 Taiwan