Seasoned riders have traditionally avoided wearing motorcycle protective gear and armour due to feeling uncomfortable and restricted on the bike. At Merla, our ultimate aim is to increase the rider’s confidence and improving safety on the bike. We’ve solved the problem of wearing bulky leathers that require a break-in period (you’re welcome), and now we’re resolving the issue of uncomfortable motorcycle armour.

We’re the first motorcycle apparel brand in the market to adopt RHEON™ armour. RHEON™ is the most technically advanced motorcycle protective armour available on the market. We’ve partnered with the creators to deliver this new brand of armour to our customers that will change the way you ride. Not only is it technologically advanced, but it is also super slim with a lightweight profile. Therefore, removal of the armour is not required when using your motorcycle gear off the bike.

This article will help you understand the technical aspects of RHEON™ armour and why it is the superior motorcycle protective gear on the market.


The name RHEON™ comes from the branch of physics called Rheology. Rheology is the study of the deformation and flow of matter. And that’s precisely what RHEON™armour technology does – it controls the flow of matter and how that matter reacts at the application of force. In this case, think of the matter as your bones and the force as the event of coming off the bike. RHEON™ technology has the power to control impact energy of any amplitude or frequency, from minor knocks to life-threatening impact.

The vision of RHEON™ is to empower rider confidence through the provision of superior safety. Once we found a company that aligned perfectly with our brand values, we quickly jumped in. Not only is RHEON™ for the rider and optimising the safety of our community, but they’re also implementing the latest technology and redefining performance through their armour. RHEON™ armour absorbs a significant amount of force from a motorcycle incident. With RHEON™ comes a new era of possibilities, and we can’t wait to show you why we love it and why you will, too!


At the core of RHEON™ motorcycle armour inserts is an active polymer that strengthens when exposed to force. Laboratory created and tested, RHEON™ armour incorporates highly strain-rate sensitive polymers into a revolutionary geometric design. RHEON™ reacts to movement, enabling the technology to dynamically stiffens when exposed to force so that it is not transferred to the rider. RHEON™ has advanced impact absorption when compared to other materials, removing the energy from the shock. It’s so good at dissipating force that the armour exceeds CE Certification requirements. When support is not required, RHEON™ is a low profile, lightweight, malleable armour that allows for easy movement on the bike. The RHEON™ motorcycle protective gear delivers superior comfort and game-changing safety without compromising on ever-important freedom of movement.

RHEON™ Armour


We mentioned in the previous paragraph that the RHEON™ motorcycle armour inserts have a revolutionary geometric design. But what exactly does that mean? RHEON™ features a molecular shaped design that deals with both rotational and linear energy. It has a honeycomb structure with an open geometric patented design. The molecular structure means that the armour can absorb energy or force from the rider from any direction. The geometric honeycomb shaped form of the armour also means that it is highly breathable armour. Allowing for unrestricted airflow when on the bike, it’s evident that RHEON™ has rider comfort at the forefront of design.



So we know that RHEON™ has a unique geometrical structure, but let’s look at the technical specifications that render it the most lightweight motorcycle body armour Australia offers. There’s a reason why RHEON™ is one of the most transparent companies when it comes to their armour specifications. RHEON™ armour inserts for the knees, elbows, shoulders and hips are a thin 7 mm thickness, whilst the back armour insert is 12 mm thick. At just 40 grams for the shoulder and hip inserts, 45 grams for the knee or elbow inserts, and 210 grams for the back inserts, we’re sure you will agree that RHEON™ armour is so lightweight, you’ll hardly know when you’re wearing it. Combined with the fact that it is the most flexible motorcycle protective gear available, we knew we had to deliver it to our customers ASAP.


One of the non-negotiable aspects of motorcycle armour inserts for many riders is that it has to be flexible. Lightweight in its design, the RHEON™ armour naturally conforms to the rider’s body and adapts with the movement for an optimal and adaptive fit. The armour has a soft feel for comfort and is highly flexible. Many other brands use hard and dense armour that is static by its nature. Not only does RHEON™ dissipate more energy than traditional motorcycle protective gear, but it also remains soft and flexible when not subjected to force. We’ve tried them all, and it is the best motorcycle body armour Australia has to offer.



OK, we’ve listed all the technical aspects that make RHEON™ armour the most sophisticated motorcycle body armour Australia offers right now, but what about the practical elements? Despite the advanced technology that goes into this brand of motorcycle protective armour, it remains machine washable. Yep, you heard, right! From busy urban commuters to trail riders kicking up dirt and dust on the weekend, RHEON™ armour can be machine washed, and line dried the same as any other product in your wardrobe. Whether you’re caught in a shower, working up a sweat on an enduro track or just want to freshen things up, it’s super easy to do so with RHEON™ armour.



Over the years that we’ve worked in the motorcycle industry, we’ve heard from countless seasoned motorcyclists that they avoid wearing armour. The main problem is rider comfort – our motorcyclists don’t want to feel restricted or uncomfortable with bulky armour inserts when they’re out for a ride.

At Merla, our priority is the safety of our riders. We believe that all riders should adopt the best motorcycle protective gear for their ride, including armour. Yes, it’s crucial to protect the skin with adequate abrasion-resistant materials such as leather, DuPont™ Kevlar® fibres, and Aramid denim. However, protective armour is also an important consideration. RHEON™ armour provides the latest and the best solution in protective armour for motorcyclists.

RHEON™ armour is included in all of our new styles of motorcycle jackets as standard. We will also provide customers with the option to purchase RHEON™ armour separately should you wish to exchange your current armour for the latest technology.

Whether you’ve worn in your armour over the years or think you have the best in the market currently, we promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the comfort of RHEON™ protective motorcycle gear. Give it a try!

February 28, 2022 — Cafe Racer Club